Patrick Haraguti :: Creative Director - Game Developer - CG/VFX supervisor - 3D generalist - Maker 

For the past 20 years I've grown both as an artist and a professional.


I started as 3d generalist in 1998, and later became supervisor and creative director.


Due to the lack of segmentation in the vfx industry in Brazil until 2010, I've worked in positions such as animation director, vfx/cg supervisor, on-set supervision, art direction and many others... Based on this experience I have a wide range of skills. ​


To me it is very complicated to define myself, I believe I'm a Creative Director/CG/VFX supervisor/game developer/maker/crazy scientist.


My focus is on Game dev, VR and other solutions using Unity as game engine since 2010.

Current interest and  researches:

* Real time cinematography for cinematic, films, vfx, animated series production and previz.

* Game, VR and XR development, including the combination of multiples types of media as 360 videos with real-time 3d interactive content.

* Motion and facial capture using RT technologies to have better visualization on set.


* Automation for 3d photo scan for props through custom rigs driven by Arduino.


Team Worker
Self - Motivated
Problem Solver



"Patrick has been awesome to work with! Initially, I was interested in a 1-day consultation from an experienced 3D generalist, on how to improve our game's graphics. It turned into a month-long full-time gig, because of what he was able to do in under 24 hours. The rest of the month was equally high quality! Patrick is always within deadlines, opinionated but never out of place, and very very passionate about his job. I would definitely recommend his services on someone looking for a professional's touch!"

Konstantinos Vasileiadis, Captain at Tall Guy Productions

"We came to Patrick Haraguti at Ronin Creative Studio hoping to find a unique visual style for our narrative VR project. Immediately, he suggested range of solutions, Unity 3D workflows (one even included affordable volumetric capture), C# scripts, art direction, and more. He was able to turn inevitable compromises into fresh artistic opportunities. Patrick works from a broad range of skills, and we hope to have an extensive and productive collaboration with him."

Nick Venden at VR360Audio