KC 390 CG Animation - Embraer

CG Animation to present the Embraer new aircraft KC-390 - 2015
Creative and Technical Director, 3D generalist.
3DS MAX - Photoshop - After Effects
Modeling / Look dev / Animation / VFX / Composition


Hired to create a full cg animation to present the Embraer new aircraft KC-390 to the public in 2015.
The 3 minutes animation have been made in 70 days, that includes models, look dev and animation.


This project started with a small brief and changed during the production, based in Embraer request, we developed some model that is not in the final film, at the time engineers still defining some technical aspects of the real air craft.

BlackHalk get out of the final film by technical information about the aircraft cargo capability can´t be confirmed at time.

Gripen for the Air Refueling scenes.

You can check the Final Version here.