Pipeline / workflow

Creative and Technical Director.

Pipeline and workflow Ideas to create better quality assets in less time.
Smart Parametric and procedural tools with Houdini.
Character pipeline.



Character Pipeline

Lod/ multiple platform target

High Poly Models.



3D packages "DCC" that´s fit in this pipeline is all industries standards.
3DS MAX, Maya and Houdini.
Sculpture tools : Mudbox and Zbrush

Marvelous Designer for Cloth Creation.

Speedtree for vegetations

Substance Designer for procedural Texture creation.
Substance Painter for Texture paint.






Marvelous Design


Substance Designer and Painter


Substance Designer and Painter


Well Houdini is Houdini. but most important is that we can create HDA "Houdini digital assets" and reuses numerous time in different projects, that make our easier and the time/budget well spend in the asset.


Asset workflow for best cost benefit. 


Lod workflow take some time for model optimization, but you can reuse textures, rig and other stuffs.

With this workflow we can keep the Quality and Consistence of our Assets in different platforms.


HighPoly Models


Lowpoly 30k ~ 60k


LOD1 mid range 


LOD2 standalone VR


LOD3 Mobile VR




Shader and VFX