Organisation Felling not Madness punishment!

Hello Curious minds, As a non programmer, I’m finding my way on coding my game.

I'm working alone on this project, it's a side project I'm doing on my free time, so I want to share my development practices for the super backpack, that's a much bigger project that I ever done in the past.. so my character controller started to grow quickly in a big proportion that will start to be hard to track everything on the script..

Organising and accountability is part of my daily task in the studio, but I'm trying a little different approach not only to keep stuffs easy to track, but to keep me self motivated to.. So Time to create some mind maps / flow charts / logic diagram… well there’s a lot of names and types to classify this, but the main point is create a map of logic, actions and conditions for this actions.

There’s some online tools for this, but I’m looking something a little more appealing to look and don’t make me feel depressed looking at all the logic :) so I started to create a few elements to build my maps

The good think is that I can create function box the way I want.. so for example.. on super backpack the player have different pyjamas, and each pyjamas have some abilities and others not.. or they share the same ability with different value.

when the pyjamas have same ability with different values I use this box.

I think you also noticed that I don't need to Write so much on the map because each box already have easy to read data.. like input, function, behaviour.

or if the pyjamas have different behaviours on same action so i use this.

also can add new Icons to say, need to call functions on VFX manager, and SFX manager or this action uses root motion instead of movement by the script.

I can use this box in a separate page, to write more detailed description.

Other Different usage is when you have other script that work together or even is just to keep reference. The character selection is done by Player manager that also take care of properties.

so I just keep this box to remember.

Or the camera Script

I also Create States box

some are on same script, other cam refer to a complete different controller script.

Like Swimming will be a complete different controller.

(ignore mistyping :) I still improving my english)

This is Basic the Start of my Mind map to keep track of everything I'm doing on SBP.

Some people think, what waste of time! one thing I learned over my years dealing with teams and doing all different types of projects is.. nothing that you make to keep stuffs accessible and organised is a waste of time.

May look like you are losing some time with fancy stuffs, but in the long run, and the project growing more and more.. get lost will be very easy, and the amount of time you going spend looking for stuffs will be a lot bigger than the time you spend organising stuffs!

Other Example is like use icons in Editor! I can have the same icon with different names on my player properties.. but if I have custom icons, it’s way easy to ready!

Of course this is all High Level logic and mind mapping. and you also will need a Low level Logic implementation. Now before you leave the this blog post.. did you enjoy see all this arts in the post? that the power of fancy art on organising the project, don't fell so bad all the thing you need to do, fell? I hope this small post can contribute in your Game development journey.


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