Who the F.. is Patrick Haraguti

Hi, I not a super blog guy.. so I will try my best to keep this one updated :P so i'm going start talking about my self that is not on About section...

So, my name is Patrick Akiyoshi Haraguti, half japanese from father side and half italian from mother side, born and rise in Brazil, that lived in Japan and now lives on United Kingdom.

what a Mix!

I think is important start this relation with you knowing me, my life and my gentle way of be lol

So, i’m old already, born in 1978.. a few decades ago.. I have a wonderful wife Tabia, and 2 kids, one is not so kid any more, Pedro my old one is already 18, and Daniel is 10 years old.

My first video game was an Atari in 89.

my first computer was an MSX hotbit in 93, yes live in a poor country have some delays in tech that time, this days is almost everything realtime globally. the good think on MSX is that you need to learn basic to use, and i learned a few things with this z80 machine

In 94 at 16 years old I leave the college and moved to japan to work as low skill migrant.. I think everything changed at this moment.

in 95 I get my first pc, a Panasonic Woody, 486dx4 100mhz, with 40mb of memory and 2mb of video board capable of capture videos on amazing resolution of 240x160 pixels.

Also get my first 3D software, Caligari Truespace 2

in 98 I started learn 3d studio max 2.5 todays is just 3ds max some year lol, using a 3ds max bible book in japanese. was hard.. but yes I did!!

After almost 4 years in japan I returned to Brazil, started working in a internet provider and web page development company, creating images and animated GIFS, yes, it was top notch at the time :D

also be the first person in Brazil to create a VRML project.. vrml ow god…

After this I worked in a printer House doing design, in another internet provider, in a communitary tv channel and in 2001 I moved to the 4th biggest city in the world, São Paulo.

In São Paulo I find a job in one of the biggest post production house in south america, Estudios Mega, after this worked in great studios like Pixpost, Vagalume animation Studio and then been freelancer for a while..

In 2007 I meet my wife, but she lived in france at the time, we fall in love and she decided to return to Brazil so we can be together.. poor woman lol or poor me… we don’t know yet lol

2008 I started working in a big tv channel called SBT (Brazilian television system) worked there for almost 8 years, as VFX supervisor, and on set supervisioning.

2010 I decided to follow my children dream that was make games.. and I discovered a game engine called Unity 3d, now is just Unity at the time I faced my biggest manacer to do games.. learn code.. ow you can imagine how it can feel been an artist and need to learn code to do some games.. yes.. but I started to learn javascript actually unity script.. and years after year learning more and more and then changed to C#.. I still a shit coder.. but.. yeah can make things works often lol

Beside working on TV I always open to freelance in cool projects,

meet a lot nice people in the last 10 years in indie scenario.. and I have no wish to be in Triple A industry.

in 2016 I was unhappy on TV channel, there’s no challenge to me anymore, and with combination of bad things happening in my personal life, Tabia and Daniel was suffering with post traumatic syndrome after 3 tentactives of armed robbery at my house with Tabia and the kids in the house..

I get a opportunity to make a big job in VR for a airplane maker company called EMBRAER, so me and Tabia decided to move to a smaller city, have a better live and we did, I leave my job and we moved.. was really great.

I get back the challenging jobs, doing more and more oversea jobs for great studios, was Be able to travelling to Paris with Tabia so she can see old friends in France.. take 10 years.. , earning money more than ever.

But, it’s fucking Brazil… you never know how the next day will be, on politics, on economy, on security.

We decided to leave Brazil some time soon.. we never feel we are true Brazilians.. Brazil is not our place… never feel like home… and I own it for my wife that leave a place she loves to live, that was france… but it’s hard to move to france.. we don’t wish to move to EUA, Japan I can migrate because my ancestors but Tabia don’t want, and we need to find a place that I can work on my profession.

As usual I’m a very luck person, I started to do some freelancer and then later became a kind full time remote work for a indie game studio in UK.

Fallen Planet Studio

After a year Mark and Alex (the studio owner aka Friends) invited me to visit the Studio in UK and meet in person to discuss some future plans.

Ok I get a Job offer to move to UK :), the only problem was the Visa.. sponsored visa are very hard and expensive process and tie you with the company, and is very hard to small company get this type of visa!

The option is a Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa route… but can a person the leave college almost 3 decades ago get this visa? the short answer is YES! but is a Very time consuming and Hard process, take around 6 months… lots of paper works, recommendation letters, support documents that prove I’m an exceptional talent on my field. very stressing. but we did. If you want to know more about this visa you can check on Technation website

We moved to UK in July of 2019, is almost one year we are here!

In this time we release Affected: The Manor on Oculus Quest

Now the life is settling and I wish to use my free time to do my Game most of the time is SBP, that mean Super Backpack and on the process share my knowledge, experiences and discoveries with the Indie Dev Community.

The Plan is Make all the content Free, accessible to everyone, some of the content will be time exclusive for member that support this project, so don’t worries if you don’t want to pay me a coffee, it will be there free for you to, just will take a little more to you access.

I will share about tech art, 3d modeling, Houdini, Shaders, but also substance painter and designer, c# code and everything that can help us in this journey.

I also have plans to do a technical analysis on games, looking and spotting tricks and shader effects on this games.. but that require some equipments that I don’t have now.. so let’s see in a near future :)

So see you soon.. Best regards from all the Family!

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