KC 390 VR Experience - Embraer

Full development of VR Experience for Embraer  show hes new multi-mission Air craft KC 390.
Creative and Technical Director.
3DS MAX - Unity - Photoshop
Low-poly modeling / Materials and Textures/ C# /

Menu development for Quick navigation and change the configuration or cargo area.

The System supports 3 types of input.

HTC Vive controllers for self navigation.

Keyboard input to assist self navigation user.
Network Guided tour, two or more instances of the system running in lan mode with a guide. all instances will be in same place of the guide, but free to look around.

* Network guided system is originally developed to remote training multiples user in situations that the real training space is to small to fit 2 or more people.


Optimization, the project are developed before new technologies like GPU instancing are available. so extra care of Optimization make it´s possible to run this VR experience in a single GTX 1080.

Decals for details, Texture mapping and decal to get more details.
Due the complexity of the air ship all