Project Paz - Personal Project - WIP

Project PAZ is a short film/ music video under development without deadline.....
Creative, Technical, Director and 3D Generalist.
3DS MAX - Photoshop
Screen Write, Concept art, 3d generalist and Directing.

The project Paz is a full cg short film, that will receive a different cut and extra material from live action/vfx  to be turned in a music video, based in a Brazilian rapper music. "Paz em Bagda" 

The Droid

Droid Concept, Hard surface Modeling in 3ds max, look dev in Corona render. still in WIP.

Main Character

Main Character WIP, 3ds max, marvelous and corona render. grooming with 3ds max hair and fur.

Other Stuffs...

Gun Concept, Hard surface modeling for cg and 3d printing as prop for live action done in 3ds Max.

Drop ship Concept, Hard surface modeling  in 3ds Max.

Gun 3D Printed in ABS with FDM printer, multiples parts and assembled