Samuca RT Cinamtic/Game - SBT

Development of a short film that mimics game cinematic and simulate a game. 2014
Creative and Technical Director.
3DS MAX - Unity - Photoshop
Full development / Low-poly modeling / Materials / C# /
Animation: Daniel Amaro, Marcio Gatica 
Character color development Helder Nobrega

In midle of 2014, we received the task to create an animation to tell a short story inside the novel soap "Chiquititas" that story is basically a boy that get put in a friend zone from he´s love. in that story the boy are playing a game and hes mind make he remember the situation as he is inside the game!

Make an animation that simulates a game, never look like a real game, so I take a decision to make the story and game play inside Unity, as a real video game and real-time cinematic  

The Game and Cinematic are develop in Unity 5 beta.
Not sure, but maybe this case is the first project that used Unity to develop content in a broadcast channel.

Some footage's are captures using unity 2017.3 and using new features as learning purpose.